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  Zibo Yunfei Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd founded in 2004 is seated in Chinese excellent tourism City---Zibo. It is 220 km away from Tsingtao Port.There are four branches belong to the general company:
   Zibo Yunfei Medical Uniform Co.,Ltd hammers the brand at the medical industry and works hard to build the hospital culture. It designs the symbols for the hospital professionally. With the hospital different developing stage we can design the visualization and uniform for the hospital. According to the specialties of different departments we also can unify the design style for the hospital by adjusting the bed sheet, bedcover, curtain color. Iatrology research shows that colors can induce the change of people’s emotion and mind. For the people’s illness and health, we can give the patients more carefulness and reduce the burden of their mind by adjusting the doctor and nurse’s uniform color according to the different mental and physical characters of different departments’ patients to meet the better results of therapy and nursing. For our doctor’s uniform,we should take the principle of the authority and the appetency together and choose the white as the primary color. Nurse’s look is important for the hospital’s visualization, so for the design princial to the nurse’s uniform,we take it as elegance ,concise,capable and experienced。And we also do the special design according to the different style of the hospital. Depending on the abundant practice experience and the heart of keeping improving, Yunfei Medical Uniform Co.,Ltd sums up a set of standardization design and manufacture processes.Our designers all passed the specialization training about related symbles, they all can understand the national standard drawings and symbles deeply and get great experience for the style of the uniforms.
   Zibo Yunfei Medical Instruments company mainly deals with the medical instruments of ClassⅠⅠ、Ⅱ、ⅢⅠⅠincluding sterile instruments.
   With the advanced detect center、 technology developing center and excellent technology developing abilities,Zibo Yunfei Hygeian Material Branch can produce the most excellent quality products。It is mainly produce sterilize tampon 、medical tampon、medical gauze and bandage、 one-off PE gloves、medical cushion(made by machine)、respirator、cap、one-off procreating bag、operation bag、pledged bag and so on.
   And there is a Zibo Yunfei transportation branch belong to the general company.
   Our company believe that the most important is to supply the best quality products with the reasonable price. Yunfei Company really hope to develop with the friends home and abroad to meet the nicer future.
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